Fuelling India's Growth Story

My Eco Energy is a company committed to the cause of sustainable energy. From the moment of our inception in 2013, we have revolutionized fuel innovation, distribution and marketing in India.

Our efforts are aimed at pioneering new processes, systems, distribution channels and fuel technology.

We aim to make renewable fuel accessible & affordable to one and all. Indizel, a futuristic transportation fuel is one such step in that direction.

The mission: To transform the fuel and business landscape of India, by providing Indians with eco-friendly fuel alternatives, that don’t compromise on quality or affordability.

We envision a world which runs entirely on clean energy. Where progress walks hand-in-hand with the planet.

    At MEE, we are committed to:
  • Protecting the environment and societies in which we operate
  • Causing no harm to people
  • Using renewable material & energy to provide our product
  • Owning leadership in changing the way people in India consume fuel

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