Fuel at your Fingertips

At My Eco Energy, we’re constantly innovating to make your experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

The MEE app was developed so that our customers can enjoy the convenience of purchasing fuel from their smartphone.

Customer Benefits:
  • Free Account with multiple benefits
  • 24/7 access to our nationwide network of fuel stops
  • Extra security with PIN lock
  • Flexible transaction and limit settings
  • Allows tracking of all Indizel purchases


Find your nearest fuel station

Follow the steps given below to get started:

Download the MEE app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM store
Open the app and Log In to your Unified Account (if you haven’t registered yet, click on the Sign Up option and follow the onscreen instructions to create your free account)

Link your preferred method of payment
Get fuelled and get going

How do I use the MEE app?
It’s easy. Launch the MEE app. Select “Pay for Fuel” and find your pump number. Select the one that corresponds to your pump, and authorize the transaction.

How does the MEE app know my location?
My Eco Energy takes privacy very seriously, so your location will never be used without your permission. The MEE app obtains your location from your mobile phone through its geo-location feature. Please ensure this feature is turned on for the MEE app. If your location based services are turned on, the MEE app will be able to use it to identify which station you are at. If your location based services are turned off, or there is interference, you will be directed to scan the QR code.

What if the app doesn’t recognize my location?
The MEE app will direct you to scan the QR code on the pump and register it that way.

How do I scan the QR code?
When you are directed to "scan QR code," your phone's camera will open automatically in the MEE app. Hold your phone two inches away from the pump, and centre the QR code (looks like a pixilated square) on your screen. The app will scan the code once it’s in view.

Where is my receipt?
In “My Account,” you can select how you’d like to receive your receipt. You can choose to receive receipts through email, at the pump or both. Whichever option you choose, a history of your transactions is available in the “History” section. Historical receipts can be viewed and forwarded via email.

Can I access the MEE app with my phone number?
No. The MEE app does not use your phone number.

What is the MEE IP (Innovative Pump) Survey?
The IV Survey will appear on the home screen after a transaction. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback about your station experience. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Set-up & payment

What types of phones run the MEE app?
The MEE app is available on the App Store for iOS 8 and 9 and on Google Play for phones running Android™ OS 4.0 – 6.0.

What forms of payment will the MEE app accept?
The MEE app accepts master card, credit cards, debits cards.

How do I add my credit card or debit card to my MEE account?
Launch the MEE app. Select "My Account," then "Payment Methods" for Apple® devices and “Wallet” for Android™ devices followed by "Add Payment."

How do I add my credit card or debit card to my MEE account?
The MEE app is available on the App Store for iOS 8 and 9 and on Google Play for phones running Android™ OS 4.0 – 6.0.


How secure is the app?
The MEE app has the same security standards as required of banks, so your data is kept private and secure. The initial setup process also has built-in customer authentication steps to confirm the validity of the customer and payment method.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?
We sure hope you don’t lose your phone. But just in case, you can add a passcode to the MEE app as an extra layer of security.

How is my credit card information stored on the MEE app?
All information is stored in a secure environment.