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Save on Fuel, Emissions and Expenses with MEE Miles and More:

MEE is committed to delivering a superior customer service experience. The MEE Miles and More program is an initiative targeted at giving your Indizel purchase greater value. Customers who register for MEE Miles and Mores are eligible to earn points on every Indizel purchase made through their Unified Account.

How it Works

Once registered with MEE Miles & More, customers are awarded points for every Indizel purchase made through a Unified Account. Accumulated points can theen be redeemed at any MEE fuel station, for fuel or other services.

Customer Benefits with MEE Miles and More:

  • Enables convenient, automated fuelling without the need for an attendant
  • Offers payment convenence
  • Enables cashless transactions
  • Prevents customers from being cheated or misled
  • Offers fleet owners more control and operational efficiency with regards to fuel related book-keeping

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How do I know which MEE Fuel Stations accept MEE Miles & more points?
All MEE & MEE certified fuel stations accept MEE Miles & more points.

How do I use my MEE app with MEE Miles & more?
Yes, simply launch the MEE app, select “My MEE Miles & more” followed by “Add MEE Miles & more,” and then fill in your MEE Miles & more data.

Can I earn MEE Miles & more points through my MEE app at all MEE fuel stations?
After adding a Eco Prime card to the MEE app, you will be able to earn MEE Miles & more points on your fuel and car wash purchases at participating locations

How do I use MEE Miles & more points for savings on my MEE app purchases?
This feature is rolling out to participating MEE fuel stations in the coming months. You will soon be able to use MEE Miles & more points for savings through your MEE app.