Indizel, Better Fuel for a Better Future

Indizel, a high quality sustainable fuel pioneered by MEE, is India's only EURO 6 emission norms compliant fuel.

With quality that meets EN590 and BIS 1460(BSIV) standards, as well as being EURO V/VI compliant, Indizel offers superior quality fuel that is a class apart. Meeting such high quality standard guarantees that our fuel gets a nod of approval from best in class vehicle manufacturers too.

By exceeding all of India's fuel expectations, Indizel ensures that you don't have to compromise on the performance of your vehicle or the health of our planet.


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True 21st Century Performance

Not only does Indizel outperform petroleum-based fuels, it also achieves a staggering 80% reduction in emissions, whilst retaining a competitive price.

All year round Diesel

Its low-temperature fluidity has been designed to operate at optimum efficiency even in cold temperatures, thus ensuring smooth functioning throughout the year.

Uncompromising Value

Indizel requires no engine modifications. It seamlessly integrates with current infrastructure, even improving overall mechanical health.

Other benefits of Indizel:

More Economical:
Rs.4 - 6 lower than the premium diesel Rs. 2 lower than the regular diesel

More Economical:
Indizel gives higher mileage, lower maintenance cost & enhanced engine life, resulting in significant cost reductions. An 18% GST set off also allows GST registered customers to claim & enjoy further cost reduction.

More Mileage:
Higher cetane number ensures more number of km/ltrs

More Power:
Petrol like performance

Low Maintenance:
Better lubrication means longer engine life

Engine manufacturers extend their warranty to Indizel as it is compliant with EN 590* under worldwide fuel category

Lower Emissions:
India’s only fuel that is Euro 6, Euro 5, Euro 4 emission norms compliant conforming to EN 590 & BIS 1460

Indizel FAQ's

How well will Indizel work with my engine?
Indizel has a high cetane number, an indicator of its superior quality. It will give your engine a substantial increase in pickup (power) and torque, whilst lowering engine noise.

Can I switch between normal diesel and Indizel?
Yes. Indizel requires no modifications to current infrastructure, so at any point in time either Indizel or regular diesel can be used. Indizel can also be mixed with regular diesel for varying levels of performance.

Compared to other diesels, does Indizel produce lower emissions?
Yes. Indizel complies with Euro 6 standards and burns cleaner than petroleum-based fuels, which results in lower emissions of carbon-monoxide, particulate matter and unburned hydrocarbons.

Will it affect my car warranties?
Indizel will not affect your vehicle’s warranty. Vehicle manufacturers provide a set of stringent standards to be followed regarding the type of fuel that may be used in their engines. Indizel complies and surpasses these standards (HSD EN590 and BIS 1460), making it safe to use in your car.