Indizel: Ultra-premium fuel for diesel engines, with GST benefits.

Save up to Rs 9/- per litre when you purchase Indizel.

Fuelling has always been a zero frills industry with near to nil benefits, be it monetary or experiential. Added to this is diesel's inferior performance & state set prices, because of which users always get a lesser value than what they ususally pay for. With MEE fuel stations, users get

GST benefit
Priced at normal diesel rates, Indizel comes with a GST benefit of 12% for GST registered customers.
Ultra-premium diesel at standard market rates
Indizel has a better quality than the best premium diesel, And is priced on par with standard diesel.

Better value per litre
Lower maintenance costs, 25% better mileage and 12% GST set-off.

Example of savings

An average inter-state truck driver fuels around 3000 (250 litre x 12 times) litres per month. With Indizel, he will get a direct benefit of 12% GST set off, saving upto Rs 27,000/- per month.

Usage /
(in litres)
Diesel Cost /
Litre of that day
GST Set off
Savings Rs. /Litre
3000 69.13 207390 24887 182503 61 8.30
*Source: Diesel price for the day – IOCL
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