A giant leap to a sustainable future.

My Eco Energy is constantly creating renewable fuel solutions and green energy innovations to create a happier, clearer, brighter India. The company is dedicated to the mission of sustainable development to deliver a powerful green fuel experience across the country.

My Eco Energy's flagship brand 'Indizel' is one of the world's most advanced fuels and a true alternative to diesel. Indizel, allows MEE to offer an ultra-premium, low-emission fuel which is compatible with all diesel engines. Indizel is recognised as a drop-in fuel as per National Policy on Biofuels, 2018 and is manufactured, processed and tested at MEE manufacturing plant in Gujarat, India.

MEE is driven by six underlying values that guide its actionsas individuals and as a corporation:

Value Creation
Social Responsibility
Maverick Spirit
Indizel. India's first ultra-premium fuel, ever.

Indizel is the only renewable fuel which can power diesel engines without any blending or engine modifications making it a disruptive product, set to revolutionize the 120-year old diesel market in India. Moreover, being a non-petroleum product, Indizel does not require any regulatory licenses to be marketed & sold.

Drive better. Breathe cleaner.

Indizel fulfils both Euro 6 and BS VI emission norms and outperforms both conventional biodiesel (FAME) and even conventional fossil diesel in terms of engine performance and environmental impact, thus paving the way for a cleaner, greener, happier India.

Join the Indizel revolution.
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